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   PT Alam Bukit Tigapuluh has obtained an Ecosystem Forest Product Utilization License (IUPHHK-RE) based on the Decree of the Capital Investment Coordinating Board Number: 7/1 / IUPHHK-HA / PMDN / 2015 dated July 24, 2015 located in Tebo District of Jambi Province.

   Forest area of ​​PT ABT concession area of ​​38,655 hectares PT ABT in Tebo District is a lowland tropical rain forest species with very high biodiversity so it is important to maintain its sustainability. Some Sumatran endemic animals are of concern to the wider community living in PT ABT concessions such as tigers (Phantera tigris sumatrae), elephants (Elephas maximus sumatranus), and tapir (Tapirus indicus). PT ABT also supports its concession area as the second habitat or reintroduction area of ​​Sumatran orangutan (Pongo abelii), which has been running for more than 16 years. The importance of this area is the consideration to maintain its representation and sustainability.

   In the context of landscape management, the work area of ​​PT ABT is an important part of the Bukit Tigapuluh ecosystem and is a buffer zone of Bukit Tigapuluh National Park. The condition of the company’s work area is not only influenced by the dynamics of local community activities, but also the history of previous forest management. The work area of ​​PT ABT is a former IUPHHK-HA / HPH from PT DALEK HUTANI ESA, which ended in 2003. This location is the only natural forest ecosystem of the remaining buffer production in northern Bukit Tigapuluh. areas that do not escape illegal logging and encroachment activities, especially during the open access period (between end of IUPHHK-HA / HPH until IUPHHK-RE permit).

   The working area of ​​PT ABT is also a residence of indigenous Jambi traditional people, among others: Suku Anak Dalam, Talang Mamak, and Ancient Malay. Some communities of the three tribes live in the work area of ​​PT ABT and some live around the company’s work area but have a high dependence on the forest in the company’s work area. Their existence is expected to be consistent with the goal of ecosystem restoration, despite the fact that the current trend is reversed. The complexity of social problems at PT ABT’s workplace location level over the last decade is higher due to the inclusion of outsiders from outside the province to gain business opportunities, clearing of plantation land in forest areas. This condition has become one of the main challenges for PT ABT in managing forests for ecosystem restoration. On the other hand, PT ABT is also required to conduct business activities based on non-timber forest products, environmental services and / or utilization of the area. In this framework PT ABT has conducted exploration, preparation and other preliminary efforts so as to have a business process design that is ready to be implemented.

PT Alam Bukit Tigapuluh is the best and innovative implementer and restoration of the tropical forest ecosystem based on the support and good cooperation of the stakeholders and leave the main reference as the successful management of forest ecosystem in Indonesia.

Activities undertaken by PT. Alam Bukit Tigapuluh is:

– Successfully restoring and conserving forest ecosystems within the ecosystem restoration concession areas, including biodiversity values, watershed functions and carbon stocks;

– Successfully building cooperation with communities in and around the concession area in providing ecosystem restoration and preservation, promoting growth opportunities, employment and employment opportunities for communities;

– Successfully coordinate, collaborate and establish relationships with stakeholders on the integrity of ecosystem restoration concession areas and buffer zones in sustainable management of the restoration area;

– Success contributes to public awareness raising, science, government policies and regulations, and implementation of ecosystem restoration management in Indonesia and serves as a member of the leading ecosystem restoration concession holder association.

The strategic objectives of PT ABT’s restoration activities for RKUPHHK-RE KE-I (Year 2016 – 2025) are:

– Implement comprehensive planning throughout the restoration area of ​​38,665 Ha. Carry out biodiversity recovery and protection activities through rehabilitation, planting, enrichment of local indigenous trees and the maintenance and protection, protection and security of all restoration areas (including watersheds) to achieve ecosystem balance and sustainability of sustainable production forest management.

– Implementing sustainable and sustainable management activities, processing and marketing the potential of non-timber forest products within the ecosystem restoration concession area and from surrounding villages, creating mutually beneficial cooperation between companies and communities within and around the PT Alam Bukit Tigapuluh work area.

– Conduct good cooperation with communities in and around the concession area to create balanced ecosystem forest conditions between ecological, economic and social interests. Along with the management of a balanced ecosystem will provide employment opportunities to the community for economic growth and prosperity.

– Collaborate, coordinate and collaborate with stakeholders to create effective and accelerated ecosystem restoration and buffer zone management and maintain sustainable relationships.

– Seek to raise public awareness, policy science and government regulations, implementation of ecosystem restoration management in Indonesia. As a concession holder, he serves as a prominent member of the ecosystem restoration concession holder association.


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